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     Delayre Kennels was founded in 1963 originally breeding and showing Wire Fox Terriers,  along with Airedales and Dalmatians (which we no longer breed)  In 1969 we acquired Silky Terriers. We are in Sun Valley Ca where we established our licensed kennel in 1974 .

 Our primary Silky Terrier line goes back into the original Coolaroo lines (which combined several of the top Silky Terrier breeding  lines from Australia)  along with Koala, Casa de Casey, Bonneen and my latest outcrosses of Australian Silky Terriers from the Nantiki kennel and Bedafareal kennel in Australia  My primary Wire Fox Terrier  line goes back into Deko, Mt. Ayre, Ascot, Albany, Baglan  and Louline and Dekoupage

 At Delayre Kennels we believe that our Silky Terriers and Wire Haired Terriers  should have not only a sound body, but also have good temperaments and trainability level. Delayre bred, and owned Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers and their progeny have appeared in movie, TV and print media including the Eiger Sanction, Titanic, Jack Frost and Purina ads and have worked as therapy dogs and K9 Ambassadors .

All Silky Terrier puppies and Wire Fox Terrier puppies purchased as pet only  go with a non-breeding contract. . If a top quality  puppy is purchased with breeding rights a contract is signed requiring ethical breeding practices and ABSOLUTELY NO PET SHOP WHOLESALING OR BROKERING of any puppies produced by this puppy or it's progeny. We also do not mix the breeds No Silky Yorkshires. They are not special crosses only mixes bred by unethical breeders . We also do not breed Teacup Silky Terriers. You see many ads for Yorkshire Terrier teacup puppies but no legitimate Yorkshire Terrier or Silky Terrier breeder will ever breed teacup puppies . Most are scams . To see more information on scams check out my good breeder page.

Please contact us by email           Please tell us how you found us in your message. You may also call us at 818-504-6887 so we can "meet" prior to coming to see the puppies.  I have photos of the puppies I will send out on poweer point . I don't post them on this site 

We will accept a deposit to hold a puppy to assure that puppy will be available . The deposit is a promise to purchase and is NON REFUNDABLE.  Before you put a deposit down make sure you are 100% sure you want a puppy and you can have a puppy.  Make sure you have gotten permission from your landlord and that you and your spouse are both wanting a puppy/dog .

   For those with cell phones I have a new web site a very nice customer surprised me with .   Once I am comfortable with it I will upgrade and get rid of any ads you see .


Check out my two Face Book pages .

Silky Terrier Resource Center   This is a site with all kinds of information about Silkies from purchasing to living with and loving the breed  Adoption dogs are quire often listed here

Delayre Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers - Lee Ellen's Puppy Nursery  This is my company page which  includes both breeds and my all breed boarding , and training kennel Wire and Silky Terrier information is on this site along with training tips, fun information and videos .

Check out my YouTube channel 



Many people confuse the Yorkshire Terrier and the Silky Terrier . They are very similar in looks but are two separate breeds. The Yorkshires have approximately 48,000 litters born annually in the USA ,and are the #1 breed being illegally imported from other countries for sale in the USA  the Silky about 300. The biggest difference is in health. The Silky Terrier lists 5 genetic problems the Yorkshire 21 of which more than 1/2 are life threatening or require surgery to correct .  I have create power point presentations on both breeds with a brief description of the problems associate in both breeds. I is important that when choosing any breed of dog that you purchase from breeders that stand behind their puppy's health .

Silky Terrier recognized genetic problems :

Yorkshire Terriers recognized genetic problems:


Puppy Scams Part 1 (Illegal imports)

Puppy Scams Part II (T Cups )

Puppy Scams Part III (the Nigerians)

Silky Terrier Customer Comments

Wire Fox Terrier Customer Comments

Puppy Viruses

Canine Obesity  

"Ages of Silky Terrier"

Silky Terrier Heroes:

Australia WW1   Driver Ship Mascot

Australia' National Dog Hero Fizo




Buying a puppy is a VERY BIG DEAL and we want you to treat it that way, but it's a joyful and wonderful deal too. My greatest reward is when I get that e-mail saying that Leo is now a therapy dog, or how great Misty is, she is a delightful addition to our family , or Wiley celebrating his17th Birthday or that Lola has gone to her great reward and that everybody cried for three days because she was such a wonderful dog. The pictures, letters and stories are cherished, this is why I breed dogs. The joy on the faces of children getting their first puppy or an elderly person who, if it were not for one of my puppies would be alone and all the people over the years, with many stories from the very funny to the very sad with the same ending he is part of our family and he is loved   

I am eager for you to have the rewards and joys of owning a great dog, just as I and my customers have had over the last 40 years . 

 Silky Terriers

Please ALWAYS check for availability  either through email or phone 818-504-6887

Wire Fox Terriers 

Please  ALWAYS check avaiablitiy either through email or call 818-504-6887 



All puppies are home raised  They may go to their forever homes when they are 10 to 12 weeks old. They have been  micro chipped with home again and had at least  4 to 5 sets of vaccinations prior to leaving and are wormed.

The first 18 days of the puppies’ lives is very important, We do something called Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) with the puppies, which is very mild stress that stimulates brain activity. There have been studies that have found that dogs who experience mild stress during this early development are more adaptable to stress later in life, are more stable, have improved health, have greater resistance to disease, and learn faster, among other things.

All puppies go with a 1 year health warrantee. For the first 15 days against incubating viruses and 1 year on major genetic problems, I also provide all kinds of information on puppy care and training, discounts on boarding, UKC registration, 1 month Trupanion health insurance  2 weeks + puppy food, puppy toy and and responsible owner cash rewards.  

I have always had a policy not to ship cargo. It is just too dangerous physically and emotionally for the puppy. They also risk exposure to puppies being shipped to pet shops by commercial USDA wholesale kennels. I recommend Southwest airlines to Burbank CA. Their Getaway flights quite often are comparable to the cost of cargo shipping and with the exception of the east coast most most people can fly in and out on the same day and you can choose the puppy that wants you  They charge $95 for the puppy and you would need a carryon bag.  Southwest web site is

 For your convenience we do accept VISA, Master Card and Discover Card  . I no longer accept paper checks or money orders . I show puppies only by appointment, weather permitting between 11a.m. and 3 p.m. every day. 


                                                                         DELAYRE KENNEL CODE OF ETHICS              



 I shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of improving the breed.

 I will select the stud dog and brood bitch with an eye to conformation, temperament and working instinct and ability, with a careful study of the breed standard and the principles of genetics.

I will not breed any male or female until they are both physically and mentally mature.

Before entering into any breeding arrangement, I will scrutinize the pedigree, conformation and working potential of both the sire and dam, keeping in mind the ideal of the breed. I have an obligation to refuse the breeding if, in my opinion, it is not in the best interest of the breed.

 As a responsible stud dog owner, I understand that should I refuse a breeding, I will fully explain my reasons to the owner of the bitch.

I believe that only those dogs known to be free of serious or disqualifying defects should be used for breeding. I will not breed monorchids, cryptorchids, dogs with vicious or shy temperaments, or dogs with serious defects or disqualifications addressed in their breed standards.

As a responsible breeder, I will refrain from using a dog that, although free from serious or disqualifying defects, consistently produces afflicted puppies.

I will encourage the buyers of pet quality puppies to spay or neuter them when they reach full maturity at 12 months. I will avoid encouraging buyers regarding the breeding potential of a dog/puppy. I believe breeding purebred dogs involves certain responsibilities, and I will not take it lightly.


I will maintain high standards of health and care for my dogs, and guarantee the health of my puppies at the time of sale.

 Any birth defect or minor health  issue will be cleared by my Veterinarian prior to going up for sale and only if  in his opinion it should not adversely affect the puppy’s health now or later in life will the puppy go up for sale. This will be noted on the sales agreement and may include a reduction in price.

 All parents will be health checked prior to being used for breeding.

 All puppies and adults will be vaccinated and de-wormed per my Veterinarian’s instructions .  

 All puppies and adults are identified with Home Again micro chips 


I will be discriminating in the sales of my puppies, and concerned with the type of homes in which they are placed. My dogs/puppies will not be sold to dog wholesalers or retailers.

Unless noted the buyer of a dog/puppy, will be provide with a properly executed UKC registration certificate,

All dog/puppies, along with a 1 year health guarantee, will receive about 2 weeks supply of their diet, inoculation and parasite control record and a puppy care and training packet.

I will refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least ten (10) weeks old, or twelve (12) weeks old if the puppy is to go any distance from my kennel.

I will never ship a dog/puppy in cargo. It is too dangerous both physically and emotionally. Buyer must come to me.

 I believe, unless there is no option a person should be able to physically pick out the puppy/dog that wants them and best suits their family or lifestyle.


I will try to always be there for my buyers.

I will promote responsible pet ownership by providing cash incentives when graduating training classes. I will offer discounts on training at my kennel

When one of my customers competes with their dog in Obedience, Rally, Agility or Master Hunt and acquires a degree in any of these events a $50 cash award will be given.

 If the puppy/dog becomes a certified Therapy dog from a recognized organization they will receive a $50 cash gift. 

If for any reason buyer must give up their dog/puppy, I will either assist in re homing. If that fails or they do not want to do the re homing  I will take the dog/puppy back . I back up my no fault return policy with a $5000 penalty made payable to an animal charity of my choice if one of mine is turned into any shelter private or public . If something happens making it impossible for an owner to keep the puppy/dog and they cannot find a good home they may return him or her to me. There is no reason anyone of my dogs should ever be put into the shelter system .  

If due to a disaster (fire, flood, earthquake or terrorist attack) leaving buyer evacuated or homeless, I will board their puppy/dog up to one month, pending space, at not charge.


Products I recommend :

Fromm puppy Gold for puppies and Adult Classic  

Nature's Specialties Shampoo and Conditioners  (Yard dog and Aloe Re Moisturizer )

Revolution for fleas, ticks and heartworm prevention

Precision wire products 24 and 30 inch playpens

Vari Crates for housebreaking.     



Check out How to Choose a Dog Breeder for more information to help you know how to choose a reputable dog breeder for any breed of dog.



Wire Fox Terrier and Silky Terrier Gifts  

I now have two  Zazzle stores . I am beginning to create products for sale with Wire Haired Terriers   and Silky terriers . Here is a  link to my store . This is a work in progress and I will be adding new items from time to time. The 2nd store features Silky Terriers  looking for new homes. Proceeds for that site goes  towards spaying, neutering and placement costs it is accessed though the 1st store via my  profile link. Pictured is a bumper sticker. I have other products including mugs, totes, mouse pads, T shirts  and postage stamps





 The City of Angels Silky Terrier Club,  Past Vice President

Orange Empire Dog Club. served as an AKC Canine Ambassador

 Past President of the  Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce,

 Foothill Community Police Advisory Board,  

Animal Safe Haven  (recipient of the Fernando Award for animal welfare)  

NAIA  (National Animal Interest Alliance),

United Chambers of Commerce served at area Vice President 

Sun Valley Neighborhood Council founding member serving for over 10 yrs on the board


Contact Information

Lee McTaggart

E mail  delayre@  
I show my puppies by appointment weather permiting from 11 am until 3 pm daily

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