How To Choose a Reputable Dog Breeder

Do not buy a puppy under 10 weeks of age. Most breeders will not let their puppies go before 10 to 12 weeks. A puppy is most vulnerable to diseases such as Distemper and Parvo between 6 to 9 weeks of age when their maternal antibodies begin to break down.

Do not purchase any puppy that has not had proper shots and has not been wormed. A puppy at 8 weeks of age should have had at the very least one modified live Parvo shot and a Distemper Measles shot for minimum protection against these viruses. They should also have had 2 wormings prior to these shots so that a worm infestation will not interfere with the shots. Most puppies that die from Parvo are wormy . Parvo is the biggest killer of young puppies and one of the easiest to spread. A "born in the USA" virus it was spread world wide within a year. Most good breeders give Parvo shots every 2 weeks from 4 weeks to 20 weeks to help close the window of opportunity for it to infect their puppies. Maternal antibodies can interfere with the shots and can last up to 16 weeks making the vaccine less effective, but allowing the virus to invade the system when the antibodies are breaking down. Other shots given by breeders usually starting at 8 to12 weeks are corona , Bortadella, and DHPP. The shot information should be listed on your bill of sale along with the name of the Veterinarian. If the shots are given by the breeder ask to see either the bill of sale for the vaccine or the vaccines. This is not an unusual request as this is the only proof of shots you will have. If they do not have a bill of sale for the shots or vaccines they probably have not given them shots.

A breeder should give you a written health guarantee for one year against major genetic or congenital diseases and 15 days from the date of sale against existing problems your Veterinarian might find or incubating viruses. PLEASE BE AWARE. ACCORDING TO FORMER STATE SENATOR HERSHEL ROSENTHAL, NON LICENSED PRIVATE PARTY HOBBY BREEDERS ARE EXEMPT BY CALIFORNIA LAW AND ARE NOT REQUIRED TO STAND BEHIND THEIR PUPPY’S HEALTH UNLESS THEY CHOOSE TO. VERBAL AGREEMENTS ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE INTEGRITY OF THE BREEDER. DO NOT BUY WITHOUT A WRITTEN AGREEMENT. Senator Rosenthal had tried to pass a state wide breeders license requiring all breeders to stand behind their puppies but it failed.

In California it is illegal for a person to sell more than two (2) pets without a valid sellers permit issued by the State Board of Equalization. Pets are any animal not consumed as food which includes any dog , cat, snake, bird, hamster, horse  both adults and babies. Rabbits are exempt . The permit is free so there is no excuse for any person not to have the permit .  A person who dose not get the permit is more likely not to be reputable in their business practices also . Always ask if they have a sellers permit prior to visiting  and if they say they have one it should be posted where you can see it along with other documentation required by their city such as breeders license, business permits and kennel permits .

Check with your Veterinarian about genetic problems associated with the breed you are interested in. Ask if your breeder will stand behind their puppies for these diseases. Ask if their breeding stock has been properly screened for these diseases. Incidentally if your breeder doesn’t know about genetic diseases in their breed go elsewhere.

If you are more knowledgeable about dogs than the breeder don’t buy from them.

You should be able to see at least one parent. The newest scam in California are dog brokers or dealers. They come from out of state and set up business in private homes and apartments. If you ask about the parents they will say " Uncle Bob from S. Dakota" or "my sister Sue from Kansas " happened to be passing through and asked me to sell her puppies. I once tracked one dealer that had five breeds advertised all from different states with the same story . He had two different addresses and five phone numbers in six months. Never meet a breeder someplace other than his home. You want to see where those puppies were raised. No breeder that cares about their puppies will cart them all over the place and expose them to possible viruses just to make a buck. For all you know that puppy could have been stolen.

Never buy from a breeder with two prices , one with papers and one without. Papers only cost $25.00 plus $2.00 per puppy for an entire litter, so why the difference in price? Buy only AKC or UKC registered purebreds. If they don’t have papers they may have been suspended by their registry for such things as bad record keeping, inhumane living conditions, impure breeding, or cruelty convictions. At the time of sale the breeder should provide you with your registration application. It should be properly signed and transferred to you. If there was a prior owner proper supplemental transfer application should be provided and signed by those previous owners. If no papers are available at the time the breeder should provide you with the registered AKC OR UKC name  of both parents, name of breeder of litter, sex of your puppy , color and date of birth. This is the only hope of getting registration papers if the breeder doesn’t provide them after purchase. There are only two major all breed dog registries in the United States, the American Kennel Club ( AKC) established in 1884 and the United Kennel Club ,(UKC) established in 1898.. There have been a few new all breed registries pop up in the last 10 years , but in my opinion I would only buy from AKC and UKC breeders.

I do not recommend co-ownership’s. Some breeders do this but don’t forget you are not full owner and if the breeder wants that dog back he may be able to get him. Also if your breeder should be suspended by their registry so is your dog. I also would avoid breeders terms. The breeder will sell the puppy for cash and some puppies. This forces you to breed your dog. The breeder will usually pay the first stud fee but you are responsible for any additional costs of raising the litter and in some cases additional stud fees if the breeder didn’t get the required number of puppies in your litter. I know one man that bred his female 3 times and still owed the breeder one puppy plus an additional one for the next breeding. It is a great deal for the breeder for a constant source of puppies. One breeder had over 300 puppies coming back on puppy back deals. Show contracts can be O.K. as long as you are aware that once the contract is signed you must finish that dog in the show ring. The cost can be quite high and your dog will spend time away from home to be on the show circuit . Spay neuter contracts where papers are provided after proof of altering and in some cases financial penalties if the dog is not altered within a certain period time are perfectly appropriate . Pet over population is at an all time high. In the Los Angeles area 40,000 dogs plus a year are killed in the pounds. Good breeders will sell with limited registrations and or neuter contracts and won’t encourage breeding. .

A reputable breeder will be able to show you letters and pictures from satisfied clients. Their puppies will be well socialized, clean., properly vaccinated and they will not try to push their puppies on you just to get rid of them. They will provide a written health guarantee ( 15 days against viruses and 1 year against congenital or hereditary defects) , shot record ,registration papers or the information stated above if not back from UKC or AKC, a bill of sale, and at least one week supply of food . They also will be there for you after you buy and will always take back the puppy in the future if you are unable to keep it rather then have it turned into the pound. Remember buying from a reputable breeder is a privilege not a done deal..



Necessary for the health of the mother and her litter A trip to the veterinarian for the following:

Health check., worming, and fresh shots for mom , brucellosis test....................$160.00

Stud service fee........(give or take depending on breeder )  $1500 ...

After breeding:

Top quality food     .................................................$54.00

Whelping pen     ......................................................$220.00

At birth:

Vet check and cleanout shot .................................$55.00  

Tails and dew claws............................................... $160.00

As puppies grow:

Misc. expenses (trash bags, extra heat, papers, paper towels heating pads)..........$145.00

Vet visit 6 weeks for 1st shots and worming (distemper measles and parvo ) l .................................................................$300.00

Vet visit 8 weeks for 2nd shots and worming (DHPP) .................................................................$300.00

Vet visit 10 weeks for 3rd shots (DHPP) .......................................................................................$200.00

Vet visit 12 weeks for 4th shot (DHPPC)..............$200.00

Advertising for min 4 weeks (1 week per pup )...$310.00 

Puppy food ....................................................................$ 55.00

Exercise Pen...................................................................$ 98.00

Toys.................................................................................$ 32.00

Breeders license and unaltered fee...LA City ........$200.00 

(LA County $250 plus 60   )

Litter registration...................................................$ 33.00

Micro chip or Tattoo now required ID on AKC litter record  180.00  

Cost for 4 (Wire or Silky Terrier ) pups without problems......$4202.00 to 4312.00  (1051 or 1078 each pup)


You have to be present when your female is in labor and you loose one or two days of wages. include you lost wages in the price of your puppies.

If you are going to sell your puppies check with your homeowners insurance to see if you are covered if a person is injured or heaven forbid bitten while looking at you puppies, Most homeowners will not pay the claim as you are conducting a commercial activity.  Add fee for additional commercial insurance to the puppy's selling price. 

Your puppies don't sell in four ads. You must continue advertising at $89 per week (cheap ads do not work just eat up valuable selling time) Puppies are going to need additional shots at about $50 each per set. What if they don't ever sell.  You must license the puppies at 4 months. If you have more than three dogs you are in violation of most city dog limit laws. Are you now going to turn them into the pound, give them away , put them to sleep , or keep them and hope you have understanding neighbors when you have extra dogs.   


C-Section................................................. $600 - $3500

Mastitis eclampsia,  pymetria................ $150 - $500

Supplement for puppies if mother dies or cannot nurse..............$5.00per day and  up

All pups get Parvo................................................................................$1200 up

Veterinarian fees are an average after calling several Vets in different areas. The above does not include time off work to deliver pups, care for orphan or weak pups, cost of your time (about 4 hours a day , includes caring for, socializing , merchandizing ) commercial insurance or genetic screening required in some breeds  (OFA CERF etc.).  This also reflects the 1st litter additional litters will not need a new whelping box and exercise pen . This also represents top quality breeders with great concern for their puppies breeding legally ethically and morally. 

Oh one more expense often overlooked the IRS WILL WANT PART OF YOUR SELLING PRICE.

What it all boils down to, do not breed unless you are totally committed to the care and well being of your dog and her puppies. You should have at least $4000 in you bank account and should have a backup plan if the puppies do not sell, which if you have a good size litter or professional competition the odds are that they won't all sell. 

If you are breeding to show your children the  miracle of life they will probably see death also. Many pups are born stillborn, some are  deformed, and most litters will have at least one fading puppy. The mother may also die.

If you are breeding to get a companion for you dog. I am sure she would much rather have you just buy one for her. Once she is bred she will have a 40% chance of breast cancer before she is 10 yrs of age. She is also at risk for pymetria, and uterine and cervical cancer

If you are breeding to get your money back from the purchase of your dog  I would suggest that you take the $4000 and  go to Vegas and play the slot machines. Your odds are probably just as good and you would have much more fun. .  


                                                                      WHERE IS THE BEST AND WORST PLACE TO PURCHASE A PUPPY

Best :

  A licensed professional breeder is the best place. They are usually required by law to stand behind their puppies. They also chose to breed legally. Most are members of dog clubs. 

 A hobby breeder that has been active for several years in breeding and will stand behind in writing behind their puppies .Most are  members of a dog club.

Better than nothing : 

 A pet shop. If unable to locate a breeder in the above categories you might try a pet shop. They are required in most States to stand behind their puppies. They as a rule usually have inferior quality puppies at top prices but I have seen some nice puppies and adults purchased from pet shops. Most are reputable and won't knowingly sell a sick dog any  more than a good breeder would, but be aware that there are some bad shops so do your homework.


Mass production kennels usually have several hundred dogs  They breed multiple breeds. Usually sell retail and wholesale. They are generally licensed and must stand behind their puppies but anyone breeding  more than two or three breeds cannot have the  quality control need to breed sound healthy puppies    

Backyard breeder. Pet people that breed just for the fun of it and to make a quick buck.  They usually sell their puppies too young and by law are exempt from standing behind them . They usually know absolutely nothing about raising puppies only that they are cute. Most don't give proper shots let alone worm their puppies prior to putting them up for sale 

Puppy brokers. In my opinion  the worst place to buy a puppy. They usually operate out of unlicensed homes bringing in many breeds from out of state They usually move regularly and in most cases want only cash and have no warrantees. The best way to spot one is to ask to see the parents. If they don't have one of the parents I would not buy one of their puppies..






 It is illegal to let a puppy go to a new owner before it is 8 weeks . To do so is a  violation of the cruelty to animals law

ALL Breeders and sellers must have a California State Board of Equalization Sellers Permit

ALL Breeders and sellers of registered dogs must provide and have you sign a copy of the Dog Pedigree Disclosure Law

ALL Breeders and sellers  selling 3 or more litters or 20 puppies in a calendar year fall under the CA Puppy Lemon law. They must

provide and have you sign a copy of the law called a Statement of California Law Governing the Sale of Dogs. This includes co-owned litters

and applies to all sellers of dogs not just pet shops and breeders .   They cannot use their own "warrantee"  unless it is included  with this document

This is a regulation established over 20 yrs ago to protect you from unethical  breeders and sellers. Breeders of less than 3 litters or 20 puppies

DO NOT have to stand behind their puppies unless they choose to.     

It is ILLEGAL to sell puppies from a private residence that were not bred by the seller other than a stud service puppy (they own the father) To do so is operating

a kennel and/or  pet shop without a license. No parents to see  or different breeds of puppies is a big tipoff that this person is not operating legitimately 

In many cities and counties residential areas a breeders license is required to breed and sell dogs. This usually allows only one litter per year . Many cities such as Burbank

prohibits puppy sales unless it is done through a pet shop or licensed kennel.

ALL breeders/seller must post their kennel permits, sellers permits, breeders licenses and business tax permits when applicable where it can be viewed by the public.



City of Los Angeles

County of Los Angeles

San Jose


City of Los Angeles

All unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County plus the cities of

Agoura Hills - Effective Aug. 23, 2006. Enforcement in effect

Bradbury - Effective Jan. 18, 2007. Enforcement in effect

Compton - Effective Aug. 9, 2007. Enforcement in effect

Inglewood - Effective Aug. 11, 2006. Enforcement in Effect

La Habra Heights – Effective Nov. 2006 Compliance grace period until July 1, 2008

La Puente - Effective Aug. 8, 2006. Enforcement in effect

Maywood - Effective July 26, 2006. Enforcement in effect

Santa Clarita - Effective Jan.11, 2007. Enforcement in effect

San Fernando - Effective Sept. 5, 2007. Compliance grace period until April 1, 2008

Walnut - Effective August 9, 2006. Enforcement in effect

City of San Bernardino

City of Riverside

Marin County

City of Beaumont

Unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara

Las Vegas

North Las Vegas


 *** Delayre Kennels believes in the spaying and neutering of pet dogs and cats and recommends it to be

 done when the puppy reaches maturity at about 6 to 8 months but totally disagrees that any governing body should force it upon it's citizens.


                                              B.B.B. ISSUES CONSUMER ALERT

 The Better Business Bureaus have been receiving many reports from consumers who have been taken when purchasing puppies online and in other forms of advertising

Often the puppies are being sold by the scammers at a very low price , generally $300 to $ 600 plus shipping.  They usually communicate only by e mail and require payment be sent by Western Union.

In most case the puppy never arrives. In some cases the puppy arrives in poor condition and often too sick to survive.

Beware of breeders who claim to have many breeds ready to ship right away.  Always talk to them on the phone. Ask questions. One good question is who is your Vet and what is his phone number. Any breeder can give that to you without thinking . If they hesitate or won't provide a name and phone number they probably do not have a puppy.

You can check them out with the BBB (

If you have been scammed report it to the BBB


Due to restrictive breeding laws popping up all over California the scammers have come to Los Angeles. They are advertising in our  local papers. It must be paying off as the ads run $151 to 169 per week in the Los Angeles Times.  This is a response received from one of them.


Subject: Re:Yorkie puppies
Date: Jun 5, 2009 8:45 AM
Dear Lisa,
The breeder you wrote regarding Yorkie puppies asked me to contact you.
Yes!!! I sent the breeder to find a caring parent for my babies. I use
to live in the USA before I got a divine call to serve God and
humanity here in west africa and this gave me little or no time for my
babies.The weather here is also not lenient  with my babies. They
hardly come outside with me because of the weather. I want to get them
adopted back to the USA where  they will be sent back to the weather
they were acquainted with before.My babies are 3months old, they are
AKC registered, current on all shots. health certified. Loves to be
cuddled and loves to play. They are from  the same litter, the female
is Hellen while the male is Jake. They are home trained.

You will only be paying for thier shipment alone.I am asking $350 for
each both will be $600  shipping included.You will  promise me that
you will be sending their pictures to me in every 2months as an update
with regards to how they are doing with you. I love them so much but
they will be missed.They are my real babies. Please treat them as
though they were your babies. I am attaching their pictures for you to
view them.I can't wait to hear from you.

God bless you


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