I have a Silky Terrier and would like to know what is the best shampoo for him ?

Linda  South Carolina

I use Nature's Specialties products. Plum Silky shampoo and Aloe Re-moisturizer as the conditioner. They are a California based company. For a distributor near you call 800-551-SOAP. I also recommend Bio Groom products that you can find in just about any pet shop.

What kind of dog food do you feed you dogs?

Mary    Los Angeles CA

I feed my puppies Eukanuba Small Breed puppy food and my adults Eukanuba Premium Performance. You do not need any Vitamin supplements with these foods.  I feed the puppy diet slightly dampened with water until they finish teething (5 months) and then totally dry.  I do not use canned food.  For treats I give Iams Biscuits, 

I have a female Pomeranian with real bad breath. What could it be?

Sheila San Diego CA

She probably needs her teeth cleaned. Small breed dogs especially if fed soft food will grow tarter on their teeth. Besides causing an awful odor it can cause major health problems Have your Veterinarian check her teeth 

My Silky started barking at 3 am and continued barking for 45 minutes. What can I do?

Betty  Burbank CA 

I called this woman. Her dog never did this before. The lady is in her 80s and lives alone. I had her check around her house and a person had attempted to break in ( screen removed and window jimmied ) Dogs can hear and smell things we never could. If your dog doesn't usually bark he may be alerting you to danger

I went to see a litter of AKC Silky puppies. They were all brown. I was told this is very rare. Is this true?

Robb  La Cresenta CA

Silky Terrier puppies are born black and tan. The black on their bodies changes to shades of gray from dark blue (almost black to very light silver with tan legs and head. Some will stay black and tan but it is not a color you try to breed. They are never solid , brown, white or black The AKC papers only recognizes 6 colors, black and tan, blue and tan, blue silver and tan, gray and tan, silver and tan and silver black and tan. It sounds like a "friendly neighbor " may have visited her .The whole litter should be spayed and placed without papers unless the litter has been DNA tested and certified by the AKC. Some adult coats as they age will look more "Champagne " or brown in color and there is know way of  knowing what puppies will "Brown out" but as a puppy it should never be totally brown

How do I know if my dog has an ear infection . He swims all the time and got an ear infection and it was quite bad. Is there a way I can tell when he is coming down with one before it becomes so bad?

Harley Santa Barbara CA

Start sniffing his ears.  The ears have very little odor. If there is an unusual smell this could be first signs of an infection. Other signs are swelling, redness, head shaking, black wax, purulent discharge, and scratching. If he has had chronic infections have your Veterinarian check him out regularly. Infections not treated can lead to deafness and major problems. Always keep you pets ears cleaned and remove excess hair in the ear canal . You Veterinarian can advise you on how to do this properly.

Do you require spaying and neutering?

Lynn   Valley Village CA 

Yes and no. I have always been uncomfortable mandating spaying or neutering. I feel keeping a dog intact should be the decision of the owner. Intact dogs do not contribute to pet overpopulation only irresponsible owners. I highly recommend spaying and neutering for the health of the dog (it eliminates uterine and testicular cancer, and reduces the risk of breast cancer) and may make them less aggressive and less likely to roam. On low pet quality puppies I do require that the puppy will only receive his/her registration papers after proof of spaying or neutering which must be done within 6 months of purchase. At that time the purchase agreement for a registered dog will be completed and  spay /neuter rebate will be issued along with the papers. The rebate usually is $50 If the pet puppy is not spayed purchaser has forfeited his purchase of a registered dog If this dog is ever bred (accidentally or not) the purchaser will owe my kennel $5000 payable to a reputable canine spay/neuter program. I do allow people purchasing a show quality puppy to be bred and full registration given but on my terms with a permission to breed contract signed .I usually give UKC papers as this is the only registry that does not allow wholesaling to pet shops and brokers through their code of ethics which you must agree to when signing a litter registration  With the number of dogs killed in the pounds anti-dog breeding legislation is at a all time high. It is the breeders responsibility to make sure purchasers only breed top quality dogs with reputable breeding practices.

What is an adoption dog

Susan B  Burbank CA

Adoption dogs can be ,a dog who's owner has given him up, a dog rescued from the animal shelter, an older low quality pet puppy, or retiring breeding dogs. I do foster Silkies or Yorkies for Animal Safe Haven Foundation. They receive the full donation to help in their shelter. My own dogs/puppies put up for adoption also contribute a percentage to ASHF. Most adoption dogs are not trained and all (even if they are registered) go without registration certificate. For those willing to take an older dog or puppy it can making a Silky Terrier affordable. Rescue fees run $200 for a Sr. (over 5 yr)  and $300 to $500 for younger dogs. The fee includes Rabies shot, Micro chip , Neutering (or a $100 rebate) and a DHPP shot my puppy information pack and discounts on private training lessons. The drawback to adoption is an older dog is more set in it's ways and can come with baggage.  A young puppy is more likely to take on your personality and bond with the whole family.

What is the average price for a Silky or Wire Fox

Michael G Los Angeles

Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers generally run $1000 for low pet to 1500 top pet. Show/breeding potential 1500 to 1800. Both breeds are rare. The Wire Fox had less than 564 litters born in the entire United States and the Silkies less than 1057. Compared to the Miniature Schnauzer  12,645 and the Yorkshire terrier 33,040.


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